Saving and sending a list of things to another page

hey everyone. I’m building an experimental app for scientists.
the app is meant to be able to build a lab protocol, save it and share it.
on the “protocol builder” page the protocol is constructed one step at a time creating new “things” by combining info from multiple inputs. each step, a thing, is then displayed in a repeating group by order hence the “workflow”.

now I would like to save this group of things as some sort of list that i can send to another page and display it in the same manner in a group or one step at a time. I attempted to create a list or a files but that only created one list with all the data in one row. (“step1, step2, step3 .and so one”). the hole workflow became one line of text.

my question is how can i save a list of unknown number of things and send them to another page at the same format as the page they come from.

Thank you !