Save an API Json

I’m making a GET call (API Connector) to an external API and getting the following json as a response:
“id”: 1633211087,
“photo”: “https://ksr-
“url”: “url”,
“title”: “TGIF! Friday the Squaredy Cat”,
“description”: “"Friday"is a horror parody plush to add to your collection”,
“link”: “link”,
“id”: 2142160686,
“url”: url”,
“title”: “The Big Break: A Theatrical Competition Show.”,
“description”: “Theater competition show allowing aspiring actors and talented writers to work with well know SAG professionals.”,
“link”: “link”
will save that result to the Data Base. But here is how it looks like…

Instead having each item of the list a separate row I’m actually getting all the results in the same row.

Any ideas?

You probably don’t use Schedule workflow on a List.
Can you provide your workflow settings too?

thanks for reply. I alredy solved it

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@onilmaruri how did you solve this issue? I have a similar issue.

Why do we have to do an an action then schedule the workflow

I would suggest a new Backend Workflow - Do Work

That way there is no need for YAP (yet another plugin) to do something simple like Iterate on a list and store in database

Okay gripe done. Happy Bubbling.

Hi, @onilmaruri how did you solve it? Can you share a solution? I’ll be very thankful! :pray: