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Saving data on behalf of User

I wonder how other people have solved the issue I’m facing with Users being Managers and Clients.

I have a number of Things that Client Users create so when dealing with that data I can use the Creator field. However, in a number of cases I have a Manager User making changes to things ‘owned’ by a Client User.

So when I create an admin panel and want to show all things created by users I’d like to show all users and filter out the ‘Manager = yes’ fields as those are by far the least. However, this will not be possible because Managers have been the User for certain Things and not the Clients themselves.

Would the solution be to create a Client (User) Thing on each Type that I have this issue with and always Create a Thing with Client=Current user or Client=client dropdown’s value (to select the client if a Manager is Current User)

Or would I just be able to use the User type for both Clients and Managers and only for the Things created/updated by Managers on behalf of a Client add that data with a filter? (meaning I would only populate the Client Thing when a Manager has been doing the updating/creating)

From a data management perspective, what would your preferred solution be?

If I’m understanding your question correctly, which it’s very possible i am not…

I would, in the Users thing, create a field that is Managers, and make it Yes/No

Then, when displaying things with repeating groups etc. I would say "If Current User’s Manager is “yes” – Display all “things” That are created by Manager Yes and Manager No.

You can use conditional formatting in the repeating groups for this under “data source” ^^^

And for Clients only display created by manager “no”.

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Thanks for thinking with me!

Im not sure if this will work. I have that ‘role’ on the users but the problem is that the User and Client are not the same thing.
So when I need to display a ‘shopping list’ for only Clients, I need to display lists with the Creator=Client but also Lists with Creator=Manager but list it as the CLient’s thing. Shopping lists are not for managers, they are for Clients only.

So either, I would always populate the Client field on each thing, even when User=Client to be consistent when User=Manager fills out a list for a Client. Or I need to find a way to display both Users and Clients (where Client is a thing on the User) in each list. But not sure what the best practice is here…

I’m wondering if I will create problems when a list has both a Creator User and a Client User. Let’s say you start a shopping list as a Manager for a Client. After you create it, the Client logs in and starts adding items to the list. The Current User has changed, so would that cause issues with the way you need to call and save the data?