Saving multiple Data type from one form

I am building a booking system for rooms.
I have a data type bookings with Fields
Booking Date (date) ,
Arrival Date (date),
Channel (drop down list ),
Departure Date (date),
Guest Details
First Name (should be related to field from Guests data type)
Last Name (should be related to field from Guests data type),
Guest Tel No (should be related to field from guest data type)
Guest Address (should be related to field from guest data type)
No of Guests (text)
No of Nights (text)
Guest Email Address text (should be related to field from guest data type)
Property Name (dynamic Drop down field of properties data type)
Apartment Name (dynamic Drop down field of apartment data type)

I have created a booking form with above input fields and a save button to save the bookings in booking data form and guest details in guest data type and property and apartment is dynamic drop down field.

My question is how do I save the all data with one save button or do i need to take different approach.
please see my booking form page


Hi sanjay,

in order to save the data, you need to define a workflow behind the button. Here how to do that:

  1. In the bubble editor, click your save button, and in the menu that opens up click on “Start/Edit workflow”.
  2. The workflow screen opens, and you click into the field “click here to add an action”.
  3. The options menu opens, and you choose “Data / Create a new thing”.
  4. In the form that opens you define the type of your thing, and after pushing the plus sign, you can add all fields that you need to specify.
  5. If your form supplements several data fields, repeat the steps 2-4) for each and every data field by adding thing definitions to your button workflow.

Hope this helps, many regards, O.

Thx ones
for the reply. I have been away and didn’t continue the work.
what I am having a trouble is in teh booking form (actually i decided to make a booking pop up now).
The fields as First name, Last name, Guest tel no, email address, no of guests and address fields are data type guests and the Arrival date, booking date & departure date are data type bookings also i have rental as dropdown dynamic fields and i would like is when entering data should be saved in the relevant data types.

But please see when i try to follow the above process, what happens, it doesn’t allow me to go forward.
It seems i am missing something.

you can see screens attached

You can also check the app on

Please advise what am i doing wrong???