Recreating Bubble's editors 'saving...' workflow

Hey Guys,

I’m working on a TV show/ Novel writing application and one of the major needs is auto-saving on standard input and Richtextinputs. The last thing a writer needs is having to press a save button after a few hours of work. They will most likely forget.

I’m currently using auto-binding but am wondering how Bubble has created their ‘saving…’ alert workflow in the editor. The default alert function only shows after a button click. I’d like a dynamic ‘saving…’ alert similar to Bubbles.

I’ve tried using a boolean state ‘when an inputs value is changed’ to fake a “saving…” alert but again, it needs a button click to run and won’t show while you are writing in a Richtextinput.

Any ideas on how to recreate this?

While not the answer you’re looking for, I might recommend looking at a logic similar to what Google docs uses for versions. (My fear with auto-binding is that they could inadvertently do a select all, then hit some random charater, and delete all of their content).

Essentially, Google creates a carbon copy of the last version, then starts edits based on that carbon copy (and replaces the reference to say that the “current” version is the carbon copy).

As well, I may recommend shifting away from auto-binding logic towards Do every X second logic. Then, you can run a predictable loop (ie. trigger a workflow every 30 seconds that changes a state to make the “Saving” text visible, then have a make changes workflow to update the text, then have a workflow to change the state back to invisible.


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