Saving audio from API call not saving extension (.mp3)

Hey guys,

Searched the forum & crappy bubble docs for a solution here … and starting to lose hair …

I’ve got a Text To Speech POST API call that returns an audio file that looks like this:

As soon as bubble gets it (as per the docs), it’s stored as a “link” to the S3 file in the DB like this:

I’ve tried to rename that file using the “SaveToS3” operator to save the extension (*.mp3) but nothing seems to work.

I need the S3URL.mp3 to POST to a 2nd API call (that requires the complete URL & extension).

If I take the raw url (1st link above), and save that to S3, I have no problems getting the correct file S3URL.mp3 to send … but apparently one cant “save” the same file if it already exists so is that why the 2nd URL doesn’t work (by savingToS3)?

Anyone know the correct workflow method please?

Would really appreciate any advice …

Try prepending URL from API call withhttps:. There were some discussions in the forum… If I remember correctly, the problem is that these urls lack protocol specification.
If this won’t work, I have Upload server action in the Element Monitors utility plugin that can take URL and save it under different name. if you are not tight in WUs (as a server action it will consume some), you can try it. And of course there is a limit to the size of a file as it is fully loaded into memory before being saved.

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Hey Vlad,

Appreciate the reply buddy … tried the prepend, no deal … I’ve found your plugin, will give it a shot but ideally, wanting to scale considerably … so looking for a simple efficient solution …

Quick question (as you’re obviously a genuine developer) …

I’ve made a really basic TTS plugin to take text from bubble user, send it via API to platform 1, to return the speech file. Then I need to send (speech.mp3) to platform 2, to turn it into a video which returns the video URL for playback …

I’m about to hire a developer on Upwork (I’ve looked and cant find codiumgroup on there) … but how much do you think a simple plugin like this would cost to develop?

It’s all well documented API actions (both platforms) … but for the life of me I cant move forward thanks to shit bubble docs and my (severely) limited understanding lol.

Appreciate your time & advice,

It looks like 2-3 hrs of work, but DM me with what APIs you are using, I don’t see why you need a plugin for this…

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