Schedaul workflow for first Monday of month

Hello, I have a backend workflow that creates tasks for users, and I want to schedule it to run on the first Monday of a month. How can I achieve this?

sorry if this has been answered before I couldn’t find any solutions.

Just schedule it for the current date/time, plus 1 month, rounded down to month, then change the time accordingly.

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Thanks for the response! unfortunately that’s not exactly what I’m asking that would give me the first day of the month I want the first Monday of the month which may be any of the first 7 days of the month.

I have been working on a workaround but it is pretty messy I’ll try to give an update latter that goes through how I have done it. I would still apricate responses because I can’t help but think there is a simpler way.

Ah… apologies… I misread your question…

No doubt @keith’s got you covered with his plugin…

But here’s an example of how you can do it just with Bubble:

First Monday Of Month (


This works great for Mondays. However the solution is limited to finding Mondays. For a method for the first day of the month I have been working on with the help Chat GBT is.

(Selected Day + 7 - First Day of Month) mod 7 + 1
where Selected day represents the day of the month you want to find. This will return the first date of the month your Selected Day occurs.

I Appreciate the effort you have taken to help, Thanks!

the solution is limited to finding Mondays


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