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I’m having some issues figuring out how to schedule a flow on lists within lists. I have been successful scheduling an API on a list to create a list of things. But now I need to go a step deeper. I’m working on creating a list of tasks for many users to perform. Here’s my scenario:

My clients will use our tool to gather feedback from their staff on many different products and services they use as a company. Rather than having them list every user (out of hundreds) for each product, I have them assign a department and job title to each product and then assign multiple users to the product by searching for users with that dept/job title. That part is easy and results in a list of what I’m calling “Master Tasks” - a Product, Due Date, and List of Users that should provide feedback.

So, now I have say 30 master tasks which each may have 30 users assigned. What I’m trying to figure out is how I turn that into a list of 900 “Tasks” that are unique to the User/Product combo. Essentially, I need to run an API on the list of users within the list of Master Tasks.

Any thoughts on how to approach this? My current build (below) would only create a task for each Master Task rather than for each user assigned to each master task.

Schedule API Workflow:

API Workflow

Create Tasks

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Well, seems like every time I start to post on the forum I figure out a solution…just like how talking through a problem with someone often leads to an answer.

I just needed to have two separate API workflows - first one updates the Master Task and then schedules an API on the list of users for that task…which creates the user level tasks.


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You should be able to accomplish by inserting a second Schedule API Workflow on a List action on Staff Members before the create_eval_tasks workflow.

So you would create another end point called say create_eval_userlist and change the first schedule workflow on a list to this. You just need to pass the Evaluation Master Task since the evaluation and due date are included in that information.

Endpoint set up:

Now you have initiated a second workflow for every master task in your list. The create_eval_userlist endpoint will now be set up to run a workflow on the list of Staff Members contained in the Master Task staff members list. So it would look like this:

Now you are running a separate workflow for every Staff Member in that list and passing the due date and correct evaluation. Configure your create_eval_tasks endpoint like this and you should be good to creating new Evaluation Tasks.

Hope it helps!


(And now I see you had it figured out already :slight_smile: )

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