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I am using the plugin RepeatingGroup Tools to create several lists from a repeating group dynamically, but now need to save those lists separately to a new thing. My setup is a bit complex, but the end goal is to allow the end-user to save as many phone numbers for a customer as needed with various types (cell phone, home phone, work phone, etc). In order to achieve this, I have created a repeating group with the inputs that the end-user uses to create the phone numbers. There is a dropdown to select the phone type (cell, home, work, etc), an input to enter the phone number, and an input to enter the phone extension (optional). I didn’t want the user to have to save each row, but rather save all of them at one time with one button click. I am using the plugin RepeatingGroup Tools to pull the data out of the repeating group’s inputs and now it has created several lists (a list of phone types, a list of phone numbers, and a list of phone extensions). Just saving this data as is the to the database creates one thing with several fields, but with comma separated values. Obviously, what I want in the end is to create several new things with each list saved as a field (type, number, extension).

I took a stab at scheduling an API workflow on a list and I am ALMOST there, but there seems to be something that I am missing. I am now able to create several new things, but the way that I have it set it up, I am only able to pull in one data field (phone number) and can’t seem to get the other lists to pull in to their appropriate fields with the way that I currently have it set up. Below are some screenshots of my setup:

Below shows the repeating group on the page with the inputs. The repeating groups datatype is number and I am using ListofNumbers to generate the number of rows for the repeating group dynamically.

I have the above setup to run a workflow to create a new user and schedule the API workflow when a create button is clicked, below is that workflow:

In the workflow above, you will see that I have RGdata Column 2 List as the list to run (I’m not completely sure this is correct, but seemed to be the only thing that would work). Then I am passing a few parameters to the API workflow (portal, customer, and number). I’ve tried passing the other items (type and extension) too. I can insert them, but unless the option says ‘This text’ as you see for number, I end up getting a list again in the field separated by commas.

My API workflow looks like the following:

Again, this all works fine to create multiple things and the number saves appropriately in the number field as is; however, I am stuck with how to get the other lists into the appropriate field. Everything that I have tried results in getting a list for each new thing. Below is a screenshot of how my database looks for the phone number:

Any ideas? I realize that there are probably much easier ways to do this, and I have done it before, but I wanted something that was easy for the end-user and didn’t want to have to save temporary items to the database, so I tried to do everything outside of the database. I appreciate any tips that anyone might have to help me finish this one out.

Thanks to @gaurav I was able to find a solution to this issue. I am posting the solution here, just in case it might be helpful to others stuck in a similar situation.

  1. I have set my repeating group to a list of numbers, using the ListofNumbers plugin and when the user clicks a button to add an additional row, I add a number to the list of numbers in order to create an additional row.

  2. I then set the repeating group data source to ‘Current cells number’

  1. By using the @gaurav’s plugin RepeatingGroup Tools (bdk), I was able to extract the data from each cell.

  1. I then set a button on the page with a workflow that schedules an api workflow on a list. For the ‘list to run on’, I set this to the ListofNumbers list.

  2. I then set up my api workflow with the keys that I needed to create my new item in the database and passed those from the schedule api workflow on a list. The key to referring to the multiple lists is to refer to the specific item # from each column list. For example, I have a key setup called ‘record’ which is Column 5 in the plugin, so to pull this data, I simply referred to the extractors ‘Column 5 list item#this number’.

  1. Then I simply repeated this for each value that I wanted to add to my new item in the database.

When I run this workflow, it then creates one single item in the database (in my case Phone Number) and sets the value to the specific item number. This worked perfectly for me, so hopefully the solution can help someone else that is stuck in a similar situation.

This process and plugin will allow you to have one single button to save a list of things without actually saving temporary items to your database.

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