Schedule API Workflow on a list -> API calls get scheduled but don't seem to run

Hey guys,
I’m just starting out with an API implementation and now I’m facing problems with “Schedule API Workflow on a list”.
I implemented an API call requesting a list of contacts from HubSpot. Authentication works, the API delivers results. I can show them in a repeating group, so data is available.

I added a button to save the contacts to the database with the following workflow:

Get Contacts is the API call, results is a json element containing the contacts. I schedule save_contact_to_database.
To keep it simple and reduce the risk of errors, I limit the call to the contact’s firstname for now.

Scheduling works, I can see it in the logs:

As you can see, multiple calls are scheduled and each contains a different firstname.

save_contact_to_databas has the firstname parameter. I use it to create a new Contact and save the first name to the respective field in the database.

However, I don’t see any changes in the database and I don’t have a clue why that is.

Do I have to add any application settings?
Is there a restriction for the Personal I’m currently running in?

I would really appreciate any suggestion that could help me proceed. Even after following the instructions in several guides and threats, I can’t make it. Can you help me?

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hm its probably because when scheduling API you have set up a type of thing “Get Contact result” and what you are passing is a text string. I assume in the backend the “firstname” is setup as text. So the action is scheduled but no data is passed. My first guess.

I would change the “Type of thing” to text (on scheduling action). That should do it.

Have a look at logs to see the more details.

Hey Bartec,
thanks for your reply. I can’t change the type of things to text because I need Get contacts results for the loop. And as you can see in the scheduling log I showed above, the calls are scheduled and they include the correct parameters.
So, my impression is that the scheduling works properly but the call of the background process is not getting processed.

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@k.richter you might check out BDK utilities plugin, I have it setup to save a temp rg after save button is hit to a permanent database and it works amazing.

What about server logs?

I think Bubble process the firstname correctly in the scheduling action but when it comes to triggering the backend workflow it doesn’t do that because of the type of things “Get Contact results” even though you only send text string.

You should be able to set it up as text, the list to run on should be list of texts so you would have to change it to “Hubspot connector - Get contact’s results firstname”. But I’m not 100% sure here

Thanks for your suggestion. I will check that out. :slight_smile: You’re right, I can change the scheduling to text, and in that case, scheduling looks exactly the same. However, in both cases scheduling works but nothing happens.

In the server logs I see that the it’s scheduled but nothing else happens.

I guess I might give the utilities plugin a try …

If they are running, then it is likely to be an issues with the create.

So I would be looking at Privacy settings in the step itself in the first instance.

The weird things is that he is only passing text and “Get Contact results” is not a thing in DB. So technicaly he can’t apply privacy rules here.

I just tested passing simple list of texts and it works for me . If you @k.richter confirm that it works for you by passing the list of texts manually (e.g. through multidropdown) then I would assume that this is a bubble bug with passing the data from Get call.

Please click on the Resume tasks button in your scheduler.




:blush: Thanks, . That was a good advice! :rofl:

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