Schedule API Workflow - wrong data returned

I’m using action “Schedule API Workflow”, to return data from an external api. This api returns data in json format. When trying to use the result of the action in another, the return is a number. It appears to be an id. Am I doing something wrong?

Sadly still do this day using the Schedule an API Workflow action can’t return any data. It just returns the API ID so you can reschedule or cancel it later.

The workaround right now is to use the API Connector and send the request to your own app, or user the App Connector (I have not tried this yet but I’ve heard it works). Both of these methods won’t follow privacy rules though because you’ll be using an API key generated in your app settings. It will be run as admin (might not matter in your case).

There is a way around it using user-login flow so the user generates a key with their privacy rules but I have not done that personally yet


You can use the raw data to store the response, but you have to enable (in the API Connector call setup):

Capture response headers

Include errors in response and allow workflows to continue

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In my case, I’m trying to generate the login link (Magic Link), and display it on the screen for the user.

App connector is good when it works but has 30 second timeout (for no reason at all), which is problematic for AI use cases, and doesn’t always handle option sets correctly, just a heads up. Not sure if it’s relevant for your use case @produto


Ok so maybe you can get the link from the API response and then “Create a new - API Link” in the database to storage and relate it to the user, would this work?