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Hi everyone !

I Try to make a return in my backend workflow … But idkn how to do this !

Basically - Call action (API Workflow)
(API Workflow) - Create a thing - Set slug

I need to return this slug for use (Go to page - Send More Parameters [slug - return slug from API Workflow])

Has anyone done this?

Sadly right now if you are just scheduling an API workflow it can’t return values to the client.

But if you call your API from the API Connector you can use the “Return data to API” action and send back what you want.

You would want to generate an API key in your app settings then use that key in your API call to authenticate it

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Sadly … I wanted to send it as a response to the scheduling

Yea if you call your own app from the API Connector you can return data back to the client scheduling it, then use it by referencing “Result of step [your scheduling action]”

They have it on the ideaboard to allow returning data back internally but right now you have to call your own app as if it’s an external API

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