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Return Data from API Workflow returns Text incorrectly


I have an API workflow with a ‘Return Data from API’ action which returns a Key (parameter) of an specific data type.

I am trying to assign the returned data object into a custom state (of the same type) but I am getting an error that the returned data is a Text even though I haven’t ticked the ‘Return a plan Text’ box.

any ideas or samples on a similar implementation of this action?


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Can you share a screenshot? The bug is that you should not be able to use a return data from API action on a page, so using a ‘set state’ action after does not make sense.

Here is the ‘Return Data from API’ action…

and here is the screenshot when trying to set a custom state of the returned API call within a WF.

Right, if you look at the second screenshot you’ll see the step 1 is ‘schedule API…’ which returns a scheduled ID, not the data returned by the API Endpoint

Is there a way to check if the Scheduled API ran successfully WITHOUT having to check the Thing that was updated by that Scheduled WF?

In brief here is my scenario…

I’m building a POS system that lists all pending Orders in a queue (RG). It is taking approx 3secs for an Order to be picked up from the queue (updated as being served and saved into a Custom State for serving) and reflected across all screens, 3 seconds is far too long and there is a risk that 2 people may pick-up the same order.

The Scheduled API has a 3 secs delay to “verify” (ensure that it hasn’t been picked-up already) and proceed to copy order into a Custom State for fulfilling.