Schedule app downtime/prevent user actions during data migraiton

I am about to deploy a big upgrade to my app which will also involve running some workflows to remap some data for the new data model. The workflows will take 10ish minutes to run, but before they do, the app will be somewhat broken after the deploy. Ideally, I would lock users out during this time with some kind of app-maintenance message, but I’m not sure the best way to do this.

The only way I can really think of doing this is to add a new full screen floating group to my shared header that would obstruct all pages with a maintenance message, toggled on and off with a field in the database to let me quickly disable/enable the entire app.

Does anyone else have a good idea for this?

(In the future I’ll break my changes into branches so that I can first deply backwards-compatible data model changes, run my data migrations, and only then deploy the new features.)

Toss a redirect on all pages (or reusable header if on all pages) that goes to a maintenance page.

Create a database item completely private called system options. Have a name & yes/no

Have the workflow run only run when system option “maintenance” is yes.

This way you can toggle maintenance on/off without updates in future. Just a live db change.

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Redirect to maintenance page works well too. Ok, so doing this manually in the header does seem to be the best option. I was wondering if I was missing something somewhere else.


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