Schedule Backend API - How to hide marker on map

If I need a marker on the map to be removed after 5 minutes once a button is clicked.
How do I setup the Schedule Backend API?

Here is my user setup:

Here is my button to show the marker first once clicked:
But now I need it to wait for 5 minutes and then set it to No.
Then I am assuming I must run a Scheduled API as shown here:
In the API Workflow settings I have this:

I have no idea what the Key should be or what the Type should be. That seems to have very little documentation.
And in the settings of that Scheduled API, I have this:

But where exactly do I insert the timer and how to insert a timer?

Hi @anon98225040,

You are almoste there, in the field Scheduled date in 3r step in your post (see image below), you should make a change, that should be something like Current date/time + minutes 5


For example:


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@anon98225040 also make sure to pass the user (result of step 1) to your scheduled workflow so you can modify that specific user’s OnMap to Yes on the backend.

No, that is not necessary, when executing the workflow like this, the user is available as current user in the scheduled workflow so that privacy rules apply etc. etc.

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oh right :grinning:

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@gerbertdelangen Thank you my friend, that was indeed the solution. Much love to you !

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