Why is my backend workflow not showing up in Schedule API Workflow?

Hello, I have my backend workflow set up:


I want to call upon this when triggering a event in the frontend, but for some reason… this event does not show up under the schedule api workflow event dropdown…? Any idea as to why ??


It just says edit backend workflows… but I did edit it and have it set to do what I want it to do.

Any ideas?


What parameter definition do you have set on the workflow?

Im not sure I understand but I think this is what you mean:

I have it set to detect request data

You can’t access a backend workflow that’s set to ‘Detect request data’ from the front end using 'Schedule API Workflow…

You’ll need to set up your own API call with the API connector if you need to do that.

Are you exposing this workflow as a public API workflow to external services?

If not, then use manual definition for you parameters, then you can call it using the Schedule API workflow action from the front end.

Okay, I think I understand what you mean…

In that case, lets say for example this data is what I need to access from the frontend workflow:

Instead of getting that with detect data, I can just input them manually by following the same naming that they have in that screenshot?

I don’t really understand what you’re trying to do…

Where are you accessing this from on the front end? Another API call?

I’m trying to do a button click to make API Call then after call it made , so a callback to retrieve data from that call and then show it on my frontend

So 2 API calls? Why do you need to do this in a backend workflow at all?

Callbacks can only be done in backend workflow?

First api call sends request and asks for callback url.

Callback url listens for when data is sent to it after api call

Data then sent to my frontend to display

So is this backend workflow the webhook?

Or is it the initial API call?

I have one for both

This one I am showing here is the initialAPI Call

Yeah, but why are you doing it in a backend workflow?

In any case, it’s not important…

As I said previously, you can’t use ‘Schedule API Workflow’ if the workflow has ‘Detect Data’ as it’s parameter definition, you need to set the parameters manually.

It would probably simplify things to to this on the front end, but if you want to do it on the backend, then just define the workflow parameters manually.

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