Schedule event issue

I am trying to create a monthly (1st of every month, 12 am) scheduled event per user (I am currently on a personal plan). I can create for the first user; then I start getting this error for the other users:
Workflow error - More than one scheduled recurring event per thing. Aborted.

Attached are the screens for my workflows. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

Hey @abalgir ,
Not entirely sure why it’s giving you an error. You may have another recurring event with type. You can certainly write to bubble support for something like this.

However, with that said, I personally stay away from Recurring Events and instead scheduled API workflows. If you want tips on how to do that let me know.


Thank you Alex. I will appreciate if you can give me a hint on how to create recuring API events. In my case I want to reset an average for my users every 1st of a new month. The average is a field in the User’s table. This should be set when I accept the user to join my network.
I could not find a way to make the API recurrent on a specific period.
Thank you

Yeah it’s very simple once you do it once.

Create a “New API Workflow…”. You can name it “reset_average”

Put the exact same steps in there that you had in your recurring workflow (Create a new User averages, etc.)

Add an extra step at the very end “Schedule API Workflow”

For the “API Workflow” field select the same workflow you’re working in (reset_average) and put the scheduled date as “Current date/time +(months):1”
Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 10.04.03 AM

This will schedule the workflow to run every month.

On a separate page create a button to run this workflow the first time.

That’s it. Let me know if you have quesitons.

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Love it. Many thanks. seems easy

It worked perfectly

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