Schedule SMS in Backend Workflow w/ ClickSend

Hey all,

Currently, I’m sending and scheduling SMS texts with the help of Zapier, which works like a charm.

But I was thinking. “Why not use Backend Workflows to cut down on costs?”

So I upgraded my Bubble plan and started playing around with it. However, I cannot make it work.

Hopefully, someone can help me fix this tiny issue.

Here’s how my Backend looks like:

Here is what happens when the Button is clicked:

Now I’m wondering, what do I type in Clicksend?

The ‘Result of Step 1’ by itself does nothing, and without it, it doesn’t schedule and sends the text immediately.
So how do I set this up?

Thanks in advance!

  • DonOlle

I solved it lol. Apparently I had to add the ClickSend on the Backend as well. :slight_smile: