Sending SMS from a Bubble App

Does anyone know a simple way of sending SMS messages from a Bubble App or at least a simple, short resource that tells me how to do this?

I want to be able to alert users that their order is ready by SMS. I don’t want them to reply. I just want to say “Your order number XYZ is ready”. I’ve had a look on Twilio and it seems bionically complicated and overkill. I’ve watched a video that uses SendClick as an alternative for Twilio but the guy delved into copying and pasting code and it’s impossible to follow.
I can only imagine I’ve missed something as it seems such a basic thing to do. Is there a simple PlugIn or tool that lets me do this without needing a PhD in telecoms and code? If so, I’d love to know.

Clicksend is relatively easy to use. I’m not sure if this is the video you were referring to but it should be easy to implement :smile:

It was the one. Thank you for linking it though. I’ve been trying to get my head round it this afternoon but my brain can’t deal with acronyms and general teccy shizzle and the like and it just shuts down at the site of code. I’ll give it another go though because it’ll help my app. How hard can it be, eh? It’s only 8 minutes.

Click send has my vote and super easy to setup :raised_hands:

Thank you. I’m trying it but I’m superstuck. Could you point me to anywhere that explains it? Does it involve copying and pasting code? If not, I’m in.
I’ll have a look on Monday morning (it’s getting to the end of Friday here and my brain is melted.)
Have a lovely weekend.

As intimidating as it may be, you’ll soon find yourself needing to do this anytime sooner. Maybe not with this use case but I’m sure you’ll encounter this soon so better do it now than later I guess :person_shrugging:

Definitely no code from memory because if it did involve code then I wouldn’t have done it :joy: I added the plugin, followed instructions and was sending text messages in about 20 mins from what I remember and I’ve never had to revisit it since :raised_hands:

Thank you for your response…Can I ask…does ClickSend still work? And if it does, what information have you got in your “From” parameter in a workflow. It seems that ClickSend is now part of SinchGroup since 2022 so I’ve had to create a SinchGroup account, download their PlugIn and try to incorporate that but all I’m getting is an HTTP 400 message which is getting frustrating.
I’m certain ClickSend used to work for me but, having got back to it, it doesn’t seem to now. If there’s a chance I can get it to start sending SMSs again, I’d be really grateful to learn how without having to go down another similar (but slightly different) rabbit hole with Sinch.

ClickSend most definitely still works. The From parameter is the choice of the Current user, which I created a database field for. I didn’t sign up with SinchGroup. I added the plugin and followed the instructions: How to add ClickSend SMS on - ClickSend Help Docs
Hope this helps

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Thank you ever so much again for your help with this.
I basically deleted everything relating to SMS in my app and reinstalled it all this morning with new API codes, topped up balances…the works…and I’m now up and running with it all with SMSs firing off exactly how I intend!
There does seem to be some overlap with SinchGroup in some parallel universe that only I found and I signed up with them. (And with Twilio I think). It was all unnecessary and I’m embarrassed at how I managed to tie myself in knots with this.
I’m just testing things then I’m off to launch!
But thanks so much for your patience and assistance. It’s much appreciated.
Have a lovely Monday.

Tying myself up in knots when building is my speciality so I totally get it :joy:

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