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Sending & receiving messages got so much easier!

Hey Bubblers,

If you saw ClickSend’s new plugin, it’s extremely easy to use. (You can also use the API connector to integrate it yourself). When it comes to receiving messages with an API Endpoint, ClickSend’s dashboard and documentation makes it extremely simple. Here’s all the links below:

If anyone needs help with receiving inbound messages to their Bubble Apps, let me know below!

Hope this helps everyone out,


thanks Daniel! pretty amazing plugin
Just one question --> there is one option to translate the clicksend plateform in another language (full translation
in french for exemple)…the reseller program would be interesting if we can so :slight_smile:

Not familiar with what you’re talking about, sorry.

UPDATE: Check out this new ClickSend plugin.

100x more powerful!!! Created by @jarrad

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Nice, is there a reason it is missing the email send functions ?

Hey @NigelG, Its because it started as PlanitSMS and was primarily for SMS functions based on a re-seller structure, However since the company director did exactly what he promised not too and published a plugin himself I figured I would at least provide my efforts so the community can gain the benefits. If your actually going to use those calls I would be happy to add them for you.

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Thanks. I am using them already, just wondered if there was anything I was not aware of.

Not as easy as SendGrid, but as we are using ClickSend for SMS it made sense to use it for email as well.

Sorry, probably should have worded the question better :slight_smile:

It’s a great plugin, thank you. However, where is the send email function? Assuming that it would be through Workflow > Plugins >?

I had to build my own, as it is not included.

There’s always something that stops me dead in my tracks, lol. Cheers @NigelG

@NigelG im sorry your answer sort of hinted to me earlier that you had already sorted it so i never pressed on with it. @mikescullion i will add the email calls tomorrow.

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That would be brilliant. Thank you very much @jarrad
It’s a brilliant plugin. Will get very much use out of it. :slight_smile:

No worries, I feel bad for @NigelG though I totally read his reply the wrong way I think. What kind of emails are you looking at sending?

@mikescullion it’s done, I added send an email and another send email with an open body for attachments but more so for many receivers at once.


Sorry, I was being lazy and I could have forked the plugin and added it myself.


That’s brilliant. Thank you @jarrad Away check it out now :smiley:

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Hi @jarrad

I’ve only just managed to get stuck into your ClickSend plugin now as had something come up at work.

When testing the ‘ClickSend Done Right - send email’ in a workflow, it appears to be cc’ing a Jane Doe, email address [email protected]

Any idea why it’s doing that?

This is fixed, I forgot to remove it once i made the advanced send feature.

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Thank you mate.

Has anyone used this to send faxes? I started an on-demand company and I’m looking for a good fax option for lists of items and details.