Schedule to add data every X seconds or at X time

I’m trying to setup a database that automatically moves data from the current database to another every X minutes.

It needs to move the oldest piece of data every X minutes or at X time. Does anyone know how I can achieve this?

I’m trying to create a feed that adds new posts automatically from my internal data. I don’t want it to always post immediately I need it spread.

Click to create a new workflow and select Do every 5 seconds (you can change it) or Do every time XXX.

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Simple enough. If I want to do this with the browser closed is it possible?

I believe when you are on the higher plans that there is a facility to run API Workflows at certain times. I’m still in the Personal plan so I’ve not used it but I have seen it discussed on the forum.

Here you go Create a thing at regular intervals (eg daily)?

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In this case, what I would recommend instead is to add a filter constraint to your list that omits the last item or if it exceeds a certain age. It would still be in your database, but would not be visible as an option for users to select.

Then, to delete the entries, follow it with a recurring workflow that sweeps your database for the relevant entries to be deleted on a regular (daily) basis.

A bit of primer background on API workflows.

Within applications, there’s the difference between processing things on the current page (ie. with the current user’s session in an open browser window) and processing something on the server (ie. when the user isn’t around - either no open tab or processing in the background).

When you set up API workflows, you have two primary options within Bubble: to schedule it once (ie. at a specific time) or to schedule something on a recurring basis (based on the level of plan, you can set a frequency of monthly, weekly, daily). Recurring workflows are meant for things like stock emails (ie. your activity last week), generating a report (ie. a monthly status update), or changing database entries in bulk (ie. delete all listings that haven’t been viewed in the last 90 days).

Given that, recurring workflows don’t quite apply to conditions on the minute/second level.

Continuing @dan1 's post …

A solution would be to use one of the externally-hosted services that pings your API endpoint at regular intervals.

Some examples in no particular order: