Automatic recurring background actions on database

I want bubble to check the database for specific data in the database, and delete it.

I want it to happen once a day.

It should be triggered automatically, has nothing to do with User Interface element event.

How do i trigger this?

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I think you’d use a scheduled workflow. If you want to do it once a day, you’ll need be on the Team plan, according to

@andrewgassen if it’s a daily scheduled workflow event the free tier of Zapier can do that… Set up and end point and run the Zap against that with whichever criteria you need


Neat! I haven’t integrated Zapier in one of my apps yet, so that’s handy to know. Thanks for sharing!

I was always actually quite reluctant… Adding another service…Blocksrping, Zapier etc etc is just adding additional another overhead not in terms of cost in this case but the risk of something failing and adding unnecessary complexity. I was pleasantly surprised just how efficient and quick… There is a clear update every day on its success (you can see report any time you login ) and in this case if it’s only a daily occurrence fits within their free plan. But I’m trying to do bubble out of their revenue nor am I trying to scavenge free services… If we don’t pay for this stuff in the end the services will not be provided.


I don’t see anywhere in the Event where i can specify the Frequency of the event

Hi @Bubbleboy, thanks for sharing this. Do you know if using Zapier for making API Workflows recur is still the most viable method?

I’m not him, but you can use a scheduled workflow that reschedules itself to run again in 24 hours from now.

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Oh nice thank you! I was trying to find something like that but couldn’t, would you be able to link me to some kind of doc or tell me where i’d set that up?

For sure! There’s this entire thread about it, it concentrates most of the knowledge about the subject. There are some gems scattered around the forum that you can do searches for, but with this thread you should be able to get it rolling already:

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Ah what the heck haha, idk why I didn’t think of that. Thanks a bunch!

yes, i prefer this over Bubbles inbuilt option