Scheduled API on list overwriting things

So I’m not sure if this is something I’m doing wrong or a bug, I’d appreciate some opinions:

I’m scheduling an API workflow on a list of Things (Lessons). The workflow creates a new Lesson with the same values in each field as the original Lesson. Then adds that Lesson to a list of Lessons in another Thing (Group). The log shows that the Lessons have been created, the values are correct, and it’s adding each Lesson to the right Group.

In reality what I see in the Group is the first Lesson appearing for a second, then disappearing and being replaced by the second Lesson. App Data shows only one new Lesson in that Group’s list of Lessons. The workflow doesn’t overwrite any existing Lessons in the list, only the Lessons created by the API workflow.

My app might be a bit complicated to find the problem from the editor, but I’ll give you the link anyway:

Run the app as user ‘’ and use the ‘Templates’ button in the header menu to test it out.

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