[Unsolved] API Workflows Not Consistant

Anyone else having inconsistent results with their app lately? It’s hard to figure out what is going on but I think it’s has something to do the scheduled APIs not being consistent and sometimes not completing fully. Anyone else having similar issues?

I think it might have something to do with the scheduled APIs not completing due to being over capacity so they just never finish the workflow. The user doesn’t get warned that his work was not saved or anything, the workflow just doesn’t complete.

If the app is over capacity does it just slow down? Or does it actually interfere with workflows?

It’s been my experience that Bubble terminates the workflows if you go over capacity.

You can try to:

  1. Give them more time in the Scheduled Date and Interval fields to space them out and hope to avoid using too much capacity.

  2. Use the single recursive workflow concept that’s been discussed on the forum [New Feature] Scheduling API workflows can now be done recursively

  3. Add more capacity/upgrade your plan

That makes sense, what gets me is that I have never been that much over capacity before and in the last couple of months all of a sudden I have less Users (about half already left now) and I am going over capacity all the time now. I feel like something has changed recently. Maybe something on Bubble’s end influencing how our capacity is measured or something. Just a huge difference, with less users you would think I wouldn’t have this problem.

Hey everyone and @Kfawcett. Bubble said they found the problem! They said they are working on it. Phew :sweat_smile: I thought I was going crazy. Lost half of my users but hopefully at least this will get fixed finally.

Thank you Bubble for looking into it! :slight_smile:


They have been working on “Workflow Consistency” for some time.

For me they would not complete if there were multiple updates on the same thing. But I would never be told.

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Hmm. Well I have it very consistently making the same problem when it never used to be a problem so maybe they will actually fix it this time. I would hate to lose all my customers because of this. If I lose all my customers then I would have to say goodbye to bubble because I wouldn’t be able to have any confidence in actually earning a living with bubble. I can’t imagine if my full source of income was coming from bubble and then this happened. I would be out on the street. Kind of scary.

Bubble is just telling me to update my capacity, however, even when I try the boost it doesn’t resolve the issue. Why would I pay more for not resolving the issue? Doesn’t make any sense.

Is there any workaround in hosting your API somewhere else and making requests?

I think he refers to scheduling an API workflow to save data into the database. Specifically on a list.

As @Kfawcett said I also believe it’s due to capacity limits.

I’ve moved to recursive scheduling which is slow as hell but consistent.

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