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Scheduled workflow on a list; order of operations

When I schedule a workflow on a list to run 1 week from now, and I search for items to run the list on, is it the list as is currently, or what the list will be when the backend workflow runs in 1 week? I’ve assumed the latter, though am seeing some funny behavior in my app.

When you schedule a backend workflow to run on a list you have to specify the list to run it on, when you schedule it. So, regardless of when that workflow is scheduled for, the list is set at the time you schedule it (not the time its scheduled for).

So the backend workflow will run on the list as it was when you schedule it, NOT as it will be when it runs.

If you need run a backend workflow at a future date on a list as it will be at the time it runs, you’ll want to have a second backend workflow that schedules the first one in the following way…

Backend Workflow 2 - this is the workflow you want to run on the list.

Backend Workflow 1 - this will set the list for workflow 2 to run on, and it will schedule it to run right now (i.e. current date/time).

Then, from within your initial workflow (whether on the page or in another backend workflow), you schedule workflow 1 to run on your specified date (i.e. 1 week from the current date/time).

That way, one week from today, the first backend workflow will set the list to run the second workflow on, which will be the list as it exists on that day (rather than how it is today).

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