Scheduling a Workflow for a List that Will Change

Hi All,

I was hoping to get some help on scheduling an email in the future with API workflows. Essentially, my app sends out surveys, and I’d like to send a reminder to those who have not responded to the survey a couple of hours before the deadline.

When I schedule the survey, a list is created with all users under ‘No Response’. As users respond they get removed from this list.

So, how could I schedule an email in the future which is sent to only the users remaining on the ‘No Response’ list?


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These are three instructive videos on recurring backend workflows:

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Thanks for that. I understand how to schedule workflows, however those videos don’t really answer my question.

When I schedule a workflow for the future, it takes the information that is currently in a list, not the information that will be in the list in 6 hours time.

So if I want to send a reminder email in 6 hours time, it will be sent to the original list 6 hours ago when everyone was in the ‘No Response’ category, not the updated list as users respond to the survey.

Any ideas?

Use the backend flow that works on dB trigger. Have it monitor to a field that changes when a response comes in.


Brilliant. Thank you!

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