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How do i make this recurring event apply to all users?

I have this button on an admin page that i want to press to schedule a recurring event that happens for all users, but currently it only set’s it for the user who presses the button (i.e. current user/me/admin):

How do i make this recurring event apply to all users?

I could just do what i did with other workflow like this which is just have it set the recurring event for the user when they sign up, but i don’t like that be cause i can’t apply it to existing users, and it’s not a future proof way of adding new recurring events that can apply to existing users.

What is your recurring workflow doing everyday? Creating new things specific to each user or just setting the same field for everyone?

Ditch the recurring event and instead create a workflow that reschedules itself for the next day (a recursive workflow). Then inside that workflow you would do your bulk user actions like searching for all users and setting fields. If you need to do specific things for each person like create a database item specific to each user, you can have that branch into another recursive workflow.

It’s to send all user’s a push notification every day at 6pm if x is true.

Then there’s another similar backend WF i have i want to schedule for a weekly email to each user on a sunday.

Yea the reason I was asking is if you need to process each user individually (meaning send each one an email, create a database thing Notification, etc) then have WF1 schedule WF2, then also schedule WF1 for Current date/time:rounded down to date:change hours to 18 (so this whole thing happens again tomorrow)

WF2 has a Users (list) parameter, you feed it Do a search for Users
Inside WF2 you send the email to Users:first item, with User:first item's First Name in the body email, whatever you want, then have it schedule WF2 at the end but :minus item:first item with the condition Users:count > 1

So one loop is in charge of scheduling itself for the next day, while also kicking off the other loop to “do something” for each user.

Yeah i already had the whole thing set up and working i’m just trying to get it to schedual for all user’s not just the one user that presses it.

Use a recursive backend workflow instead of a recurring event.

Ok so i’m reading up on recursive workflows and the article here shows how to do it but it says to run a loop every 5 seconds, but that sounds silly because, let’s say you want to send something out to all users everyday at 6pm and you have 10,000 users and it sends it to one every five seconds, everyone will get the thing at wildly different times (the last person would receive it 13 hours after 6pm lol).

Yea don’t do that just schedule the next one for Current date/time


I don’t think you need to do that iteration number parametere, just pass on the list of Users minus the first one so everytime it cycles it takes away a use until there’s none left. Then make sure the workflow only schedules itself when the Users:count > 0


I don’t understand. I am not a technical person, can you please show a screen shot of what you mean? I often don’t know where to enact the things people advise me to on bubble.

I am currently stuck on this expression:
Screen Shot 2023-02-03 at 2.50.40 pm

You would do users:first item's email then your next action will schedule that workflow again, and pass users:minus item:first item but very important you put a condition on that to only run when users:count > 1

But you’re missing the “two workflow” setup where WF1 runs, schedules WF2, then schedules WF1 again for the next day at 6PM. Then WF2 is doing the email-sending like you screenshotted

This is similar:

The only thing missing is the first workflow scheduling itself again for the next day

I am not sure what you mean when you say “2nd workflow” and “first workflow”. Are you talking about the fact that i am setting up a push notification on and an email one? If so ignore that for now, let just keep it simple and focus on the email one first (because it’s simpler and completely independent of and unrelated to the push notification one).

So for this email worklfow, I have followed your instruction but it does not let me express “first item”

So maybe it should be this??
Screen Shot 2023-02-03 at 3.05.50 pm

Yes sorry that

Ok so now i just need to schedule it from an admin page button and action?

Correct but you would need to press that everyday at 6PM to start it :laughing: If you don’t have a recursive workflow scheduling that one in the screenshot

One sec drawing a crude drawing

Thanks bud

Oh and by the way this is the email thing so it is every Sunday at 6pm (whereas the push notification system i need next is push every day at 6pm if xyz is true… but we can worry about that after this)

thanks heaps man