Send e-mail when an calendar event is happening


I was playing around with sending e-mails to all users (or some of the users) when an event in the calendar started, but I just can’t get it to work.

In workflows, an email gets sent using “current event’s date = current date (formatted…)”
only when the user has that event opened, since the state " 's current event (calendar)" returns the value of the clicked event. I am trying to send an email regardless of the user’s state (logged in or not, opened the event or not)

Is this somehow doable in backend workflows, maybe with a trigger?

any help is greatly appreciated

Just schedule a backend workflow to run when the event starts… (i.e. the event start date)…

thx for the reply

Yea, that’s what I am trying, but can’t get the syntax right.
This for example isn’t working:
Also, would this be a trigger or a recurring event?

Yea, that’s what I am trying,

No, that’s not right… (that’s a condition, forget about that, that’s not going to work)…

Also, would this be a trigger or a recurring event?

Neither… just a regular backend (API) workflow…

You just need to schedule a backend workflow to run at the time of the event…

So, whenever you create a new event, add a workflow action ‘Schedule API Workflow’, select the backend workflow to schedule, pass any required parameters into it (such as the event), and schedule the time to run it as the Event’s Start date.

If you need to do it retrospectively (i.e. you’ve already got events in your database but haven’t scheduled backend workflows to run on their Start times), you’ll just have to create another backend workflow which you can run on ALL your existing events (using the Bulk function in the Data tab), to schedule the ‘send email’ backend workflow at the time of each event.

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Thank you for the explanation, everything works great now