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Scheduling a workflow to run on a list daily

Hi there,

I am unable to get a recurring workflow to run on a list. The end goal is to load a list of items into the PJM_hrly_da_bids database each morning.

I first kick it off using a button to setup the recurring workflow.

Next I set up the recurring workflow on the backend workflows.

Schedule a workflow to run on a list. Note this is where I am pulling data in from the external API.

Next I setup an API workflow with the keys from the external API to be read into the API workflow.

Lastly, I load these items to the database in the workflow.

This method used to work but since it did not run this morning when it was supposed to (it said it was scheduled to run) I had to make changes and now when I click the button nothing happens. No items scheduled or anything.

Any ideas? Also is this how I would get it to run everyday?

Any help would be great.

Thank you,