Scheduling system working on one page, but not another!


I’ve built a system which allows users to add their calendar schedule.

They select the start + end dates of their classes, and then the frequency, e.g if the user has selected a start date of 1st Nov @ 7pm until 10th Nov @ 7:45pm and a frequency of Daily, dates from the 1st Nov until the 10th Nov would be added (daily classes). Similar thing for weekly (once every 7 days), monthly (once every month) etc. Works great on the page I initially added it on:

• (List an activity page - step 2 - add date popup + the calendar scheduling repeating group)

However, I tried to replicate this inside my dashboard area, to allow users to click an ‘Add/remove dates’ button, and a popup appears allowing users to add or remove scheduled dates:

• (Dashboard page - add/remove dates popup - linked to the add/remove dates button inside the activity listings repeating group)

Now the issue with this second implementation is the following; If I select a start date of the 1st November @ 7pm (for example), and an end date of 10th November @ 7:45pm with a frequency of Daily, it only adds the first date (1st November) AND second date (2nd November) to my repeating group and database.

No idea why. I’ve copied workflows (with minor adjustments, such as ‘reset input group’ after I’ve added a date, but I removed these to test too), fixed errors and everything seems to line up, but it just won’t work. Argh.

Am I missing anything obvious here?

Editor link dashboard page: (removed)

Thanks guys

Ok, so I spent half of today working on this and still haven’t fixed it. No idea why, everything matches up, unless I’m missing something completely obvious.

Followed @DaveA’s calendar schedule build (thanks for that!) which worked great on the list activity page.

Aargh! I made a video to show the process of me adding dates (I selected 1st Dec to 7th Dec with a frequency of Daily, so all days from 1st to 7th should show up): (removed)

If you’d like to test, go to this link: (removed)

Editor link is in the post above if you’d like to check out the workflows. You can compare them on the ‘list_an_activity’ and ‘dashboard’ pages.

Any help is very very very much appreciated. Thanks all! :slight_smile: :relaxed:

Didn’t have time for a deep dive here., looks it will take a little while to troubleshoot.

On another note, noticed the Start Date and End Date are saving the same value (on both pages though), not sure if that is intentional, or if the time should be the end time from End Date. Also noticed that the Spaces Available value is empty on the Dashboard page (could have been a User error when testing though)

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Thanks for taking a look, much appreciated. I hadn’t used the ‘Run Next’ debugger yet, seems useful!

The Start + End date should be saving the same value so that’s correct, the Spaces Available wasn’t working as I was testing yesterday and removed the ‘Display data in add/remove dates popup: Parent group’s listing’ Workflow before showing the add/remove dates popup, but I’ve added this back in and it’s now counting spaces perfectly.

It’s unusual that it’s only adding 2 dates - seems that it’s adding 1 date for each Custom ‘Generate’ workflow. These are the workflows involved when I add ‘daily’ as a frequency:

This runs when I click ‘Add Dates’

This runs as the ‘Trigger GenerateDaily’ in the Workflow above

I think this is causing just 2 dates to be added, but on the list_an_activity page, I have the same workflows and it adds the dates correctly.

Interestingly, when I was doing the ‘Step-by-step’ workflow debugger and I clicked ‘Run Next’, it then added the next 2 dates in line, and the next 2 (and so on).

Holy… I just fixed this issue. I removed ‘Reset relevant inputs’.

I did suspect this was causing the error a few days ago and when I removed it, nothing was fixed, but I removed ‘Reset relevant inputs’ for all the ‘add dates’ workflows and it worked.

Looks like it was resetting the input and preventing the next Workflow to run.

Such a simple fix for about 6 hours troubleshooting time!


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