Workflow to add days onto a date

I’m trying to create a tool for scheduling social media posts that regularly repeat. I.e. “If I want to post a link to my podcast every Monday and every Thursday, beginning at the Start of June, what dates will that be?”

I started with a date picker, then added conditions to calculate that date +2, +4, +6 days etc., but I can’t make the results display as a repeating group. Has anybody solved this?

I have a tool for that! It’s part of my calendar plugin and is about to come out of testing.

That said there’s other date generators out there.

Want to be a tester. I’d add you over the weekend or late tonight if so!

I’ll make a quick video on the elements use too

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Hi @jared.gibb

I’d love to be a tester and get this working, thanks for the quick response :slightly_smiling_face:

check this out. The element ships with my calendar plugin

@richard_wall, DM an app you’d want to test this with and I’ll add you quick! I think this is just what you’re looking for and then some extra too!

Choose the frequency of repetition

Choose the interval
Ever time
Skip one?
Every third, etc

Choose to have the times gal on certain days

Super flexible!!

What you are looking for is to select a date and generate a list of future dates?
Based in what? And how long this list should be?

@jared.gibb this is great, it does almost exactly what I’m after :slight_smile:

The ideal next step would be to highlight every 4th (for example) date in the output table. The use case for me is sharing 10 case studies in a repeating pattern.

In the attached screenshot, I’ve Copied and pasted the output from your app into Excel, then put placeholders for each piece of content next to them and manually highlighted. Do you think it is possible to complete this operation in Bubble as well?

for sure. in a repeating group you could use a group as the holder for all cell elements

you can use a conditional to set the background color

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 12.09.32 PM

Background color = green

produces this

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