Calendar app - attaching the real dates when scheduling

Screenshot of my app:

So basically, Repeating Group with 7 columns for each Day (Set of options Days), and within each Day, Repeating Group with time frames (Set of Options Hours).

What I need help with is: how can I attach the real dates and times to these repeating groups once someone schedules a Task? E.g. when someone schedules a Task for Monday at 07:00, how to attach the real date and time to that task? I’ve been brainstorming on these and couldn’t really get an idea on how to make this…

Help on solving would be very appreciated…

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There are some free plugins, one is called calendar tools, that allow you to build a custom calendar in a repeating group. I would recommend that.

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Hey @boston85719 , thank you for your help!

I’ve found the plugin Calendar Tool by Brown Fox and certainly, it can help me build this. I struggle to extract the current week from it:
ss week

How would you recommend me to set this to only this (current) week rather than showing all dates in the month? Sorry for a “noobish” question. :slight_smile:


I would use the built in ‘current date/time’ dynamic expression to help with filtering the values from the calendar tool plugin…you may also look at other date plugins…one is 1T list of dates

Keep in mind, a day of the week is a number (Sunday =0, Monday =1 etc.)

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Hey @boston85719 , the second plugin you have recommended to me is even more convenient than the first one. Thank you!

A quick question: how would you import real-time frames into each day (as a repeating group)? E.g. 07:00AM, 08:00AM, 09:00AM, etc…

I would use the list shifter element to utilize it’s process list workflow to take a date, and from that create through the process workflow a list of dates that are the same date, but the different hour value. Then the repeating group would display the list shifters processed list.

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