Screen Recording Like Loom


Hi Ed - pleasantly came across the Nalfe platform while I was trying to work out how to do screen and webcam recording simultaneously. Looks like you have figured this out, unfortunately in the editor there is something missing which is causing everything to break. Is there a plugin i need to add?

Screenshot taken from the record page

Sorry for the late reply. It is easy to miss forum notifications.

You will need to install the plugin [Beta] Screen and Camera Recorder.

The workflow should look like this:

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Thank you so much replying

Much apppreciated!

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Thankyou for this plugin - really close to getting it firing as it should do!

When we hit the stop button I think you are trying to save the file and make it available for download as a video.webm file. Only problem is it never gets to the page where we can download the file.

This is the error that is being thrown up. Is there something else we need to add to get this running.

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