Screen Sharing Implementation


I am working on a web-app. One of the core features is the ability for two users to initiate a screen share. I am looking for a freelancer to help me implement this.

I am looking to ship an MVP quickly and am open to a variety of options. From my research, I think the most viable is using the TokBok OpenTok SDK.

I played around with the code they provide on their website and was able to get a very basic video chat working. I am missing something with screen share.

I see two simple ways this could be included in my app.

1.) Using Bubble Functionality: build a plug in, or use toolbox to run JS.

2.) Have the screen share code run in it’s own website. For an MVP,if I can get the code running, I’m happy to just have users click a button that takes them to the screen share.

If this is something you could help me out with, I would love to talk.

Hi Matt,
This should be possible to implement and I would be happy to help you out on this .
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

You may find this one useful.

If anyone comes across this thread in the future. I ended up using open source code to build a solution. Then when my users need to start a meeting, they press a button and it opens in a separate window. Meeting has chat, screen share, etc. Also costs me next to nothing. Would be open to talking you though it.


hey @matt_a!

Actually super-keen to know why exactly you preferred to build it yourself?
I bet it ended up costing you more than 5$, taking your time into the account.

Is there anything we can add\extend\improve in our plugin for it to be an obvious choice?

Thanks so much for your feedback!

@matt_a I would love to know how you solved this. Was it with Jitsi Meet? I need the same functionality you described.

I would have loved to use a plug in, certainly took more than $5 of my time!

From what I could see, your plug in does not offer true screen sharing. If I am wrong, you may want to address that in your plugin description/comments. I needed my users to be able to share anything on their computer screen - not just co-browse. I wanted to have control over how meetings were started and want to add the ability to time sessions in the future. I figured it would be easier to do this myself.

Hey Ian,

My solution is powered with open source code from TokBox, Open Tok. I have a very simple front end that allows an admin to create new meetings, share a link, and then have users join. From that point on it looks pretty much like a zoom meeting. Feel free to shoot me a pm if you want to talk more about this.

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I would love to implement this please describe the service up process.

Feel free to shoot me a PM and I can help walk you through some of the details.

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Hey Matt,

I’ve been working on implementing a Tokbox solution, however, I am stuck with implementing the screen-sharing and chat functionality. Were you able to include this in your solution? Grateful for any pointers.

Hey @matt_a,

I’m really keen to use an implementation like this on my site. Is there anyway for you to share for example sharing the editor page so we can have a look at it.

Thank you,


Hey @matt_a it would be great if you could point me in the direction of how you solved this. Sorry I dont see how to DM but ping me if you do. Otherwise my email is my username @ gmail

Saw your post about implementing screen share. How did you do it?