Create Screenshare for two users

I’m building an app that allows users to find someone locally to help tutor them . I need a way to create a meeting with screen sharing for two users.

Does anyone have experience here or thoughts on how to implement this.

I am ok with a hacky solution - just emailing a meeting link to both users would be fine. I’ve looked into using Zoom, which I think is promising. But, I am stuck figuring out how to create a meeting for someone else. I don’t want them to have to go and sign up for zoom themselves.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

Hacky solutions might be a little tough with this one since you are talking about transcoding video live. I would recommend using a plugin to simplify your build.

You can check out the following plugins:

or like you said…

Thanks for the response Josh.

I checked out Agora - seems like it would be perfect for face to face video conferencing, but the plug in does not offer screen sharing.

Zoom might be the answer - but I am not seeing a good way to create meetings for other users.

Right now I am looking at using Zapier combined with another 3rd party meeting service.

You’ll probably want to skip Zapier and integrate the API directly with Bubble’s API Connector plug in.