Screencastify scrub through play heasd

i have installed screencastify extension on my google chrome. I have been using screencastify to record a “How To” lesson. I have the normal version, i.e not the subscription. I make a lot of mistakes when i am recording a lesson and wish to keep some of the recording and play back the play head to the previous mistake and start recording from there. Currently on screencastify i am only able to pause a recording
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

I’m pretty sure the recording options on the free version of Screencastify don’t allow for the advanced editing you’re looking for. But the paid version allows you to edit out segments as you wish.

You could export the file to another video editor (like iMovie) and edit from there. But for the added time and frustration, it’s easier to keep it contained within Screencastify. It’s a minor investment, but I think it’s one that is well worth it.

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thank you this has been helpful

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