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Using Screencastify to record your screen and issue

If you use Google Chrome, then this extension is a quick and easy way to record any issues you are having with your Bubble. It’s easy to save the video to Google Drive and then share the link in your post for others to see the issue you are having.


So good I spent EUR20 on it.

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Like this: Repeating group not serving images in order

:)Ha, just saw @emmanuel say something about wanting users to show screen recordings in another topic so I posted this.

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Works fine to me. Just some audio issues recording my flight simulator at , Great plugin for us indeed! :slight_smile:

I’m in a dilemma on two screen recorder programs, one is Screencastify plugin (top rank) for Chrome and the other is RecMaster (really cheap, here’s its official sites for my Windows 10. Anyone to give a recommendation on which one to choose? I’m not a pro user and mainly use the recorder to record small game clips and some online streaming…

I think Screencastify works better than RecMaster. It runs more stable and can record videos in higher quality. Another Screencastify alternative for me is Joyoshare Screen Recorder ( ). Sometimes I would use it to download videos from other sites and record virtual meetings without a time limit.

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