Scriptly: Hidden (lost?) pages in template

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Is anyone else using the template Sriptly? I am almost done editing all subpages but I can’t seem to find the two pages that appear when the user clicks on “already have an account” and “Dashboard”… it reconnects to the template form (with the scriptly logo) even though I edited the page “login”… this may be a stupid question and easy to solve but I just can’t seem to find that sections of the template to edit them with my logo… :confused: Thank you!

Perhaps what you are looking for is just in a hidden group on one of the pages.

You can see such elements in the “tree of elements”

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Good idea, but I looked there too already and no…

I have a bug in my editor that is hiding some of the elements. You can check if you are having the same problem.

You can see on the screenshots there is no cross next to groups with more groups inside. When you highlife any element (on any group you have on screen) and press “Reveal in Elements tree” then hidden elements are shown, and it’s working as it should.


Hi @wojtek! I found it that way!!! :slight_smile: Thank you so much… I had the same bug it seems…

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@wojtek you just helped me too. I’ve been restarting my Browser for days to find things.

@patrizia.barbera I know you are new, so just letting you know that when you get a solutions to an issue you post about, it is good practice to press the Solution button on the post that solved it. That puta a checkmark on your post so others searching the forum in future can see a solution was found.

Ah, yes - I’m super new in that sense - didn’t know about that, thanks! I’ll hit it now. :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear that I could help.

I’ve already posted a bug report, and you should too.

Right now, I always start with that action before I’m starting to edit.


Apparently it’s not a bug but no one notice that :slight_smile:

You just need to uncheck “Only show hideable”
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Awesome guys, thanks so much @wojtek !!