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I am building a mortgage application app, a social security number contains 9 numbers. Does anyone know how to insert dashes into an input so it looks like this: 111-22-3333? Or I can put three inputs in, with a max number of characters 3, 2, and 4 but how do i tell it to automatically jump to the next input when the input before it has the max and minimum amount of characters?

Thank you!

I haven’t used it yet but there is a plugin that might help…Input Formatter.

Where’d you get my SS#? :thinking:

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Try this out and see if it achieves what you’re after. I tried it with my SS# and it worked. 2018-04-24_23-15-04
Just enter only the numbers, tab to the next field, and the formatting then takes care of itself.

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If you can use it I’ll come back and explain what I did.

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