Scroll through repeating group

Hey everyone, I have a quick question. I am building an app that has a chat page. When creating new messages, the old messages just get pushed higher in the page (as they should), but I can’t scroll through the messages. Basically after being pushed past a certain point, the messages become invisible because I can’t scroll through the repeating group. How do I fix this?

Are you using a template?

No, I am not. Building it from scratch.

Looks like I have figured out how to make the chat scrollable. Now I have another issue. When I am in the chat with someone, the top banner that shows who I am in the chat with is not floating. I have tried to use the floating group but then the layout gets messed up.

On top the banner shows who I am chatting with… I need it to float no matter where I scroll. How do I achieve this without breaking the layout?

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