Stop Auto Scroll Up in Repeating Group upon adding new thing

I am making a chating module in my app and everytime user add a chat message the Repeating Group of that user chat detail will scroll up to the first item.
I add the scroll down to the latest item but the user will confuse that the showing messaging is jump up and down every time they add a new chat message.
I also make the repeating group to show only latest 10 items and if the user scroll up to the top it will add the previous item automatically but It will not work because every time user add a chat message it jump to the top already.

Do you have any way to stop the auto scroll up in RPT Group upon adding new item or thing?

Hi Ben,
this is what I suggest to avoid the problem [hope I understand correctly]
Instead of having the repeating group say “Current chats list of messages” or “Search for messages with this chat” have it reference a state that is a list of messages.
This state you compute using the condition “When page loaded is entire”:
it can read what your repeating group currently is saying.

However its list of messages wont be refreshed when a new message is added (unless you add a refresh button and workflow)

Alternatively, if you are currently using Scroll to entry, you can also use a condition on “Scroll to entry” to only scroll if the message creator is not the current user.

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Thank you @TipLister .

I am building the message chat between user and admin so I need chat message to be refreshed all the time. And I want the chat list item can be scrolled up down by both user and admin. I use the reusable elements to make chat element and add this chat reusable elements floating on bottom right to all pages. In the chat reusable elements I use the vertical scrolling repeating group not the ext. vertical because it must scroll on top of any other pages. This Repeating group sorting by created date with descending is “no”. The problem is every time admin or user add a message to the chat database. This repeating group update this list and scroll (or default view) back to the first created date on the top. Is it possible to update the list and scroll or default to the last created date according to descending order setting of the repeating group.

If repeating group descending order is “no” → default to last item (latest created date)
if repeating group descending order is “yes” → default to first item (latest created date)

I wish you understand my meaning.
Right now I have to change the chat to descending order (descending order is “yes”) to make chatting process works well. But Normally chat application like LINE or Facebook messenger are all ascending vertical order (from top to down messages) So every one are accustomed with them.

Thank you

Yes you can use the state I proposed that controls the list of things in the repeating group and also add a state type yes /no so Bubble knows which way your messages are currently ordered.
Then workflow action “scroll to entry in a list” when clicking the button to send off your chat
You can duplicate that action according to if descending or not descending state is yes or no and then reorder that list by changing the state.

Thank you.
I have changed my Repeating Group source to the Custom State (State type is the same CHAT Table Database) that I prepared by your advice instead of the directly to that CHAT database. But It is all the same. When ever user or admin add a new message. The Repeating Group show the first item (on Top when ascending order) first then jump to the latest order by my “scroll to entry” command.
I have tried using the condition When page loaded (entire) to control the Repeating Group visibility but It jump to first item and latest items all the time adding new message. Did I do something wrong?

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