Scroll to action with Floating Group

Hey all,

I’m working on a mobile version of an application, and I’m having issues with the scroll to action. In the desktop version, the scroll to is used to return to the top of the page when an action is completed, which works fine. However, the mobile version uses Floating Groups as “pages” (tabs) for the app. The basic layout is such:

An upper floating group that contains the current tab/page info
A lower floating group that is always present, which is the “tab menu”. It has buttons on it that switch the tab

I’ve managed to generally get it working so far. The tab menu floats vertically to the bottom. The page floats vertically to “Both”. This allows for the user to scroll the tab as if it were the page contents, and it seems to work on different screen heights. However, the “scroll to” action no longer works as it used to, causing the contents of the floating group to remain as they were before the action was triggered.

My guess is that this has to do with the page itself being held static and the floating groups being the ones scrolled. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a bubble action for “scroll within a group/floating group”. Has anyone had any luck doing this?

If you are just trying to scroll to the top, put a group or shape on the page itself, X-0 Y-0…make the group or shape 1-width 1-height…set to no background so it is essentially invisible and shouldn’t affect layout.

Then scroll to that shape or group.

Hi Austin,
You can make a search for a free plugin named ‘Presto’ to achieve what you like.

You will find the element scrollto with a state outputting current scroll position of any id, including repeating groups.

It has an action to scroll to #id (your floating group) set position. There is some options for animate scroll.

However if you just want to reset the scroll position when the floating group is hidden then reshown you can collapse hide an inner group inside of the float with condition ‘float is not visible’

Good luck


The Presto “scroll to Scrollposition” action worked beautifully! Thanks both of you for your help.


Hi @austin , is this Presto plugin still available.? I can’t find it in the bubble plugin search.


Any updated solution here? Can’t find presto plugin anymore