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Scroll to Element in Page


I want to scroll to a certain position in the page after “Our Story” is clicked in the Header.
I created the following work flow…“When Text Our Story is clicked” → “Scroll to an Element” → the element/group doesn’t appear as an option to select. The group name is “Group Our Story”

Is the element “group our story” on the same page? It sounds like you are clicking on a link in the header which is likely a reusable element which means it is a different page then where the group our story is located. I could be wrong but that would explain why you cant find it. If you are trying to scroll to an element on the same page, the element will show up in the list.

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Hi Paul,

You solved my problem, thank you! I was using a “reusable element.” I created a simple work flow using an elemnt on the same page and it worked. Makes sense now!

I apprecaite your help,