Scroll to entry of RG after Back button

I’ve ready multiple threads on this and cannot seem to get to work, so I’ll ask in case things have changed.

I’m having users select an “org” from a RG of orgs (ext scrolling).
That passes the organization item to a page that displays org details.
When the user clicks “back” in their browser, I want the page to load and then scroll to the “org” just viewed.

I have a reusable Header element across all pages, so I tried setting a custom state. I then created a workflow on the page load that “If [custom state] is not empty, Scroll to entry [variable org]”; however, it appears the custom state does not stay on the reusable element as I click the browser back button.

What am I missing?

I’ve tried:

and more.


Consider using the database

This is a wiki-style app where users do not need to be registered/logged in to navigate; therefore, I cannot reliably store to DB in this scenario.

hello @middletechpodcast

States are removed when changing page. You can use a plugin like Browser Storage to write down the info you need at any moment.


Notwithstanding @JohnMark excellent suggestion, you should know that Bubble stores info on current logged out user for 3 days. So, the dB is an alternative for same session browsing.

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