'scroll to' workflow showing white background

My app is set to black background at the page level, but a scroll to workflow reveals a white background - is there a way to avoid this or change the colour?

@gaurav - is it possible for you to please add this functionality to bdk plugin?

Is this meaning the black background is not visible at all? Or is it a sort of ‘flash’ on the screen of the white before settling back down to the black? Or is it that the white remains but is a small portion of the type, say 20px in height?

Is the scroll to action to scroll to the page, or an element on the page?

Flashing white, yes, scroll to page - so it’s revealing browser-level colour.

Maybe try to scroll to an element that is at the top of the page, instead of the page itself.

I do recall a thread from several years ago about an issue like this, but can not remember what, if any, solution was found, and do believe it was about mobile view, when on mobile device, and user swipes up while already at top of page.