Scrollbar position when opening new popup

I have a long list of items in a popup so I need to scroll down within the popup to view all items and save the record.
But after I save the record and open a new popup the scroll bar is fullly scrolled down instead of scrolled up.
I have to manually scroll up to the top of the popup to see the header everytime resulting in bad user experience.
How to make sure that the popup scrollbar is positioned at the the top of the popup whenever I open a new popup after saving the previous one?

2 ideas that should both work

  1. Make sure when you close the popup you have a workflow that is to reset the data. There is a workflow trigger for ‘when popup is closed’ and an action for reset data/group.

  2. When opening a popup have a workflow action that is scroll to and have it scroll to the popup or an element at the top of the popup.

Of these 2 ideas, I would personally choose the first.

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I have the same issue as OP and i did both these options you mentioned and it still doesn’t work. Any ideas or other workarounds you can suggest?

there is likely some javascript that could do it but I don’t recall the code.

I tested the scroll to element behavior and this is what it was doing. The page was scrolling to the top instead of the popup even though i selected the popup element

edit: I found the javascript and it worked perfectly!

var javascriptpageid = document.getElementById(“elementID”);


Change elementID to the ID you want it to scroll to top