Why do I have 2 scroll bars?

I have 2 scroll bars on the messaging page of my app. The inside one is attached to the repeating group and always scrolls the very minimum amount. The outer one is the one I prefer to keep, and scrolls the correct amount. Having 2 scroll bars creates confusion on mobile when the app doesn’t know which one to scroll. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Is the list of Recurring Lessons a repeating group? :blush: If so, that’s why! This might be helpful for you: How to Hide Any Scroll Bar From a Repeating Group in Bubble.io - YouTube

It is a repeating group. The repeating group has fit height to content checked. Shouldn’t that make it so it doesn’t need a scrollbar?

Could you send a screenshot of what the settings are for the repeating group? The grey/black pop-up with all of the options.

For sure! Here it is