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Scrolling an RG in real-time to align with a video

Hi all,
I’m a newbie Bubbler just getting to grips with all the possibilities of Bubble! Have found this forum incredibly useful, and wondering if anyone can help with something I’m stick on.

I’m trying to synchronise the automated scrolling of a video transcript (displayed in a repeating group) with a master video playing in HTML5 video player situated alongside. The transcript is held in a data table where each row is a segment of text with a time stamp (aligned to the video), a speaker name and link to the video ID. I can display the transcript in the RG without any problem, but I’m trying to use the realtime datastream on video position made available from the HTML5 video player to scroll the RG table vertically in real time.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated - I don’t have a programming background so don’t have options to go outside what’s doable within Bubble ? !

Many thanks


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