Searching problem

So I’m creating an app where you can search for blood donors from your city. The search is done using two fields: Blood type and City name.
After the user enter the fields, they are taken to another page where the results are shown from the database in a repeating group. The result include only the donor’s name and contact number.

The problem I’m facing here is that I can’t filter out the donors in the database based on user input.

I’ve tried searching for solutions with matching description but can’t seem to find one. can anyone help me?

PS:- I’ve been using bubble for almost two weeks only.

Hi @nihal2015.nh

Have you finished your Bubble lessons? There are tutorials on how to transfer data between pages.

Good luck;

Yes i have completed the lesson first. But it’s like I said, I can’t filter out the data to be displayed. I tried to do exactly as lesson said but not working.

Thank you

Here i search for data from an input.

(SS from different app -shows concept of adding multiple fields to search)

This may help. I have a detailed walk through on building a search function and displaying it in a group. You can use the same display results to a page. This shows using a search box but also filters to return the right data.