Search and Auto Correct with an external API

I was able to get the Search and auto correct plugin to work if I am working with Bubble data but when I try to use an external data source it will not display the data in my repeating group. I have tried restricting the number of records with no luck. I tested the api without the search and it works fine. I noticed that the normal search feature in bubble doesn’t allow external data. Is this the same for the Search and auto correct plugin?


^^^bumping this thread. @ihayes did you ever find a solution for this?

unfortunately no…seems both fuzzy search plugins that are available only support Bubble data. We need it to work with an API call out to third party data. We reached out to the team at Zeroqode but have not heard back whether their plugin will support api calls.

I see threads going back 3+ years on this same topic…
My assumption is that Bubble foregoes implementing this feature because it would encourage use of their platform as a UI building software as opposed to an application infrastructure replacement.

I’m assuming that their partnered consultant firms need to agree not to build plugins which would damage the intended use of the platform, and that implementing this feature would probably violate one of their agreements.

Anyway, if I’m mistaken and Zeroqode comes through, please let me know!

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@ihayes I came up with a workaround. The below works for me because the data that I want to search only has to be loaded once, and this can be on page load:

  1. Follow the tutorial here: to set up the Search and Autocorrect Plugin
  2. Now, do not set the data source for the Search and Autocorrect component yet. Instead, follow the steps below.
  3. Create another repeating group with the same Data Type as you did in step 1. This should be the data type that your API call returns.
  4. Go to your workflows --> new workflow --> on page load --> display a list in a repeating group --> select the repeating group you created in step (3) --> select your desired API call as the data source
  5. Return to you “Search and Autocomplete” element, and set the datasource to the repeating group from step 3’s list of API objects
  6. Preview and confirm that the search is working properly
  7. Return to the repeating group created in step (3). Set its height and width to 1 px, and give it a condition such that when the group contains >= 0 elements, visibility should be false. This will hide the component and keep it from affecting the design of your UI.

Thanks Rob…this works perfect.


Hi Rob,
I tried your workaround to activate the “Search and Auto correct” plugin with external data.
But when I set the datasource of the plugin to the repeating group I’ve created it will not display the “fields to search” (1 to 5) It only display when I select an internal Bubble data source.
I tried with the Airtable API
Impossible to have a right autocomplete functionality with

Hi Rob & all
I have exactly the same issue. The fields to search are not visible.